Friday, 12 October 2012

Saalna omlette

    We have heard of saalna served with parotta, this salna omlette is also a street side food, where the masala mixed with curry is folded into omlette(half boiled, but here i made it with full boiled)  and served as it is as a snack.  My husband told it was super delicious as he and his college-mate used to have this in T-Nagar street-side food shop.

    I tried this out and it came soooooo gooddd...Ladies, kindly try this ,, for am sure your respective husbands will luv to have it ...

    Ingredients required:

Basic masala (the one i used in masala omlette version, you can get this ), one egg, any curry (here i used my fish curry, you can see this in


Break one egg in a large bowl, and add salt, pepper accordingly

Pour it in a hot tawa, rotate it

Now is the important step, place one tsp of basic masala, and then add two to three big ladles of curry

And then mix it, fold it four sides and serve

Note the difference between masala and salna omlette, for masala omlette, we place one big heap of masala, fold and serve.  But for salna, the inner content must be too watery (that s y called as salna), so one small tsp of masala combine with four large spoons of curry will help.

Cook n enjoy!!

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