Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Whoopie pie

     Remember our idly-upma from left-over idly's??  Here is the same process of converting left-overs to more yummy snack.  In Pennsylvania, some farmer's wife didn't want to throw away  left-over cake batter.  She inturn, spooned them over parchment paper, baked to form cookie-shaped cake.  After that, two cake cookies were sandwiched with icing.  This initial delight excited the farmer's tastebuds, that he had shouted 'WHOOPEEE' and hence the name.  Slowly, and steadily whoopie pie became popular and lots of people preferred it over cupcakes (because of ease of biting into cake first and tasting icing inside rather than cupcakes toped with icing)  Now, this whoopie pie is declared as US baked good and is made professionally over a lot of eateries....

Quite interesting, isn't it ?  This professionally made whoopie pie, itself is an complex process.  They are actually made from butter, eggs and buttermilk.  But, as the real concept involved is to balance up the left-overs, isn't it ??  So, I just baked these choco whoopie pie as simple as possible.  You can take a look below 

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