Friday, 4 October 2013

Orange flavoured cupcakes with double chocolate icing

    I am an choco-aholic person.  I, also am choco-freak :) :)  well, most of my readers would be knowing that by now :)  :)  Even in my personal FB profile, I have an habit of updating all my chocolatey dishes to album, titled 'Chocolatey passion'  Any sweet dish, I start to make, I would imagine them  an chocolatey version  and only then proceed with regular version, such is my addiction........  :)  :) And yes, I had dreamt of doing cupcake with double chocolate icing, one day, forcefully drew myself one evening and ta-da!!!!

Since orange has an everyluving bond with chocolates, I prepared my cupcakes with an orange flavour.  And yes, these cupcake is an kiddie delight, party-time snack and an any-time temptation to all-ages.  Given all ingredients handy, these can be easily made within hour!!  Isn't it great??  Take all ingredients at vessel, whisk them, bake and cool,  simultaneously prepare the icing. No whipping up after adding each ingredients or no stiff peaks makes this preparation  ' an child's play'

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