Saturday, 16 April 2016

One Bite Doughnuts

   Hi friends, so, how's summer going in your place?  Telangana is burning like an pre-heated oven.  That said, local newspapers are giving us various tips to stay hydrated.  Obviously, my refrigerator is filled with water bottles and juices.  Still, we can't get hold of that sweet tooth, can we?  :)  That's where these One Bite Doughnuts / Mini Doughnuts comes to the rescue.

    All the craziness started when I first baked these for my daughter's birthday, everyone loved it for its cutey look,  yummy taste and since it is an baked version, it gave an healthy uplift as well.

I made these along with my daughter as an summer project.  She enjoyed colouring the glaze and played with sprinkles.  I would recommend these, as they are not only non-greasy food, but can also tackle sweet carvings on an small portions.  Please do try and let us know.

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