Sunday, 28 April 2013


      Hi guys, hope you all had an amazing weekend!!  Here I have my parent-in-laws (finally got releived from babysitting for sometime) for an vacation visit.  Had an awesome time with them :) So, as I had told you in my previous posts, am an active member of Jagruti mam's Cyber partystyle cooking (You can view more details here) For this month's challenge I had prepared handvo, and as we have party over here, I prepared Sini's Avial.  Sini had prepared excellant avial and gave handy tips to acheive great taste too!!  I really appreciate her doing this, and that gave me very ease to prepare the same.


    I  prepared avial along with hot rice and vathakulambu.  Avial was excellant with such an combo.  Avial, itself can be had with hot rice.  It was very tasty and the aroma filled my entire home :)  And yes, Sini's preparation technique and methodology was simple to acheive great product.  Finally, my husband luved it and appreciated me for making lunch much healthier.  After all this,  I did felt bad, 'why didn't I prepare this before?? What took me so longggg? '   So,  guys, this avial is gonna top my regular food timetable  :)

So, let us move to avial making

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