Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pottukadalai laddu - 5 ingredient fix

  Hi.   Anybody watching, '5 ingredient fix' at Fox traveller?  I, surely do.  It is soo amazing how the host prepares an range of dishes with only five ingredients each.  This pottukadalai laddu is dedicated to the same tag :)  Not only this laddu charms us with handy ingredients, but requires very minimal time, making them an stress-free dessert to do.

 This, is my kid's favourite and everytime I make them, she jumps with joy.  Not only this pottukadalai is an good source of energy, but is also advisable remedy for excessive menstrual phase.  An huge batch of them required only 4 tbspn of ghee/ clarified butter.  So, this can be considered an healthier dessert as well.  

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