Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Baingan phobia - My total recall

 Holding the hand of my grandfather, I was enjoying  my evening walk one sunday.  Being the first granddaughter, I was apple of his eye.   We went for a walk in our farm house and were nearing the garden.  The garden, appeared colourful with almost every vegetable one could find on market.  I was deeply enthused by one brightly coloured vegetable, and shedding away his hand, I tried to lean into the plant. By this time,  grandpa had warned me to be more careful, and then suddenly, the wicked thorny-stemed vegetable had stung me deep into my little finger.  I, cried an lot and ran into my grandpa, who by this time had hugged me and cursed the plant for its evil deed.

    For those, who by now wonder, what this dramatic flashback has to do with my post, yes, that thorny, wicked, totally gross  and evil-minded vegetable was none other than brinjal.  :D  :D    That terrible incident, shook my life away ( This itself shows how adament I am, ain't I?) and thereafter, I heavily refused to consume that vegetable.  My grandfather, tried to convince me an lot, but, in vain.

Twenty years after, now, I am still the same sarcastic, home-maker, who never hesitates to remove brinjals out of my plate, be it vaangi baath (delecious brinjal pulao), Kathirikkai masala (Brinjals cooked in spicy onion-tomato gravy), Baingan bharta (Brinjals stuffed with peanut-sesame seed masala and sauted)  Nevertheless, fate has an other side, isn't it?   :D   :D

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