Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Peppercorn flavoured vegetable oats - Potluck party, cyber style January 28th 2014

 How many of us,  look  for an instant breakfast oats,  at your favourite  stores??  Yes, I can see many hands raising!!  All  thanks to an casual check-up, my dietician advised to consume  oats atleast once an week, in order to enrich my good cholestrol... Now, for an girl like me, who thought that oats were only for saints.. this was an serious layback... :P

 Gradually, my attitude changed... With an NOT-SO-SWEET TOOTH,  I  opted for masala oats once an week, untill I came across Shama Nagarajan's oats porridge.  She was my partner for poluck party, cyber style and I followed her post.  With just oats and your own vegetable/spice blend, I could actually foresee an tasty and healthy breakfast here,for, this ensures zero preservatives or zero dehydated vegetables. This peppercorn flavoured vegetable oats is an fresh breakfast blend, which amplifies your morning stamina, to kick-start your day!!   :)  :)

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