Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pumpkin flavoured bread - Baking partners challenge

   When Swathi Iyer announced Baking partner's challenge as ' Baking with Pumpkins', I was thrilled because I hadn't used pumpkins in my Baking session.  And to double it up, three awesone recipes for bread was suggested.  I followed  Yeast version of pumpkin bread from Kingarthur, result was amazing!  My entire home was filled with fresh aroma of yeast-raised bread and we all luved it on ur breakfast time.  Thanks to Swathi Iyer and Tamy for suggesting the same.

Out of the oven, I felt very proud as I sliced my loaf with an hungry daughter by my side :)  She was the first one to taste this aromatic bread with an dollop of jam, she just loved it!!   I realized that these were super moist, yet heavy on our stomach compared to store-brought one.  So, let us move to recipe!

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