Sunday, 14 April 2013

Baked doodhi pakoda

      Pakodas... hmm... the word itself makes one mouthwater, carving for an deep-fried appetizer had along with evening tea or just as an snack.  The best thing about pakodas are that they can be combined with any sort of vegetable or mixed vegetable and establish themselves accordingly.  Onion pakodas are one of the famous snack item in chettinadu cuisine.  The easy-peasy ingredients readily available on any Indian kitchen had made this dish dominant.

    Though these are done on rainy or chill seasons, they can also be had in summer.  I had bottlegourd left in refrigerator, and decided to make use of it in pakodas.  And yes, baked my pakodas due to diet concern :) lolzzzzzz   But, what surprised me was that the  baking did show the same crispiness obtained on deep-fried concept.  So, why don't we put hands together and join to do an healthy, evening snack

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