Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tomato paste

   Hi, decided to make tomato paste with garlic, and store it in fridge, usually it stays good for one week, but be careful when grinding, DO NOT ADD WATER, if you did, make an instant use because it cannot be stored, these can be added in gravies, curry replacing tomatos.  And this paste when mixed with salt and redchilli powder can also make an instant tomato chutney for hurry burry mornings!!!

    Ingredients required are 1/2 kg tomato, 20-25 garlic pods

Method is simple, head oil in kadai, add finely chopped garlic, wait till it turns slightly brown

 Add chopped tomatos and let this mixture cool till all water from tomato evaporates, this will take some 10 minutes, kindly cook in simmer flame as this will help in tomatos getting mashed finely

Lateron cool it, grind and use it in ur gravies, i will be posting some of my gravies made using this paste sooner

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