Saturday, 30 April 2016

Mango and Mint Meringue Mess

   Mango and Mint Meringue Mess is an summer-time refreshing dessert.  They are layered with freshly cut fruits with whipped cream and crumbled meringue.  The meringue offers an beautiful crunch needed for this dessert.

This dessert, is originally adapted from Eton Mess, an English dessert which has berries topped with cream and meringue.  Since this summer has started with Mango outburst,  I have used an liberal chops of those instead of Berries.

I have never guessed that Mango and Mint will blend each other beautifully.  This dessert is best had, as soon as they are assembled.  As they have meringue bits, and they tend to get soggy, the more they soak with mango and cream.  So, just have these soon after they get assembled.   I will suggest to prepare the meringue one day before hand, because it gets easier to assemble them.  

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