Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bhopla aur dal ki kheer

  The pumpkin, as a whole has a varied medical properties.

  • Pumpkin offers protection against heart diseases by containing antioxidants.

  • The vegetable has a laxative action, being useful in case of dyspepsia and constipation. Fried pumpkin is healthy for those who suffer from heart diseases.

  • Pumpkin juice is indicated for ulcer and high acidity. It has to be drunk three times a day, half an hour before meals.

  • It is also useful in cases of insomnia, having sedative properties.

  • In external use, pumpkin is recommended for treating burns, inflammations and abscesses.
Traditionally these are cooked with chana dal and expressed as 'kootu' or cooked in desi ghee and sugar as halwa.  Here i tried low-fat version of pumpkin as a dessert, i used red pumpkin and moong dal as a sweet combo and added grated jaggery in it.  This not only is nutritious  but also low caloried...So, diet freak guys do watch out.....

   You will need 1/4 cup of moong dal soaked in water, one cup of red pumpkin (deskinned and deseeded and chopped into large pieces), 1/4 cup milk, 100 gm grated jaggery, pinch of cardamon and ghee, 5-6 badam to (garnish)
   First take moong dal and bhopla, pressure cook for 2 whistles
After pressure cooking, mash the mixture using dal masher. Cook it in simmer flame
Add grated jaggery and wait till it melts, this is followed by adding milk and cardamon powder
Serve with ghee roasted badam pieces

Dum aloo (Potato cooked in spicy onion-tomato mixture and dhummed for few minutes)

  Dum aloo is well-known spicy gravy served usually with naan. 

   Ingredients required are 10-12 baby potatos (deskinned), one onion pureed with mint leaves and green chilli, 2 tomatos blended into paste, spices such as haldi, salt, garam masala, chilli powder, jeera powder, dhanya powder, curd 2 tsp and aata/dough(to seal the vessel) Garam masala mixture to temper is mixture of above ie 3 cardamon, half tsp saunf, one tsp jeera, 4 tiny bits of cinnamon, 2 cloves, one bay leaf crushed, half  a tsp dhanya whole, half a tsp peppercorn.  Coarsely grind the above said mixture.
 In the mean time, prick the baby potato over all sides using a fork.  Either deep-fry / bake at 200 degree celsius for twenty minutes till they turn brown
These baby potatos are now ready.  Keep them aside.
Now heat oil in pan, add garam masala mixture.  Add one tsp of kasoori methi

 Add onion paste and let it cook, later add ginger-garlic paste

Now add blended tomato, and spice mix

Pour in curd.

When the masala gets completely cooked, drop in baked/deep-fried potatos

 Meanwhile line the vessel's lid by aata like this
And close the vessel and cook in simmer flame for about ten minutes.  This is called dhum cooking

Tasty dum aloo is now ready to serve

Khichdi- Lunch box idea for kids

   This dish was recommended by my friends and neighbours for varsha(My baby) ever since she was 1+   And the content was also so nourishing that it was all-in-one combo that is rice+dal+vegetables.  I also added 2 tsp of methi leaves to make it even more nourishing.  Though they are traditionally made like biryani procedure, like tempering with garam masalas and adding lot of spices, here i made completely non-spicy version for my kid.  This dish is also good for 60+ people.  There is nothing more nourishing , to consume this khickdi as a valuable evening snack, especially during rainy days.

   Spice-lovers do try spicy version and let me know...

    So ingredients you will need is one tsp jeera/saunf, onion one chopped, tomato one chopped, ginger garlic paste one tsp, mint leaves few, one cup of chopped veggies(carrot, beans, cauliflower, potato, methi leaves), half cup rice and quarter cup dal soaked together, one and a half cup water, mild spice mix(half a tsp salt, pinch of haldi, one tsp jeera powder, half a tsp dhanya powder)

      First heat oil and add jeera seeds, let it crackle.

This is followed by adding mint leaves, onion, ginger-garlic paste and tomato

Later on add chopped veggies and mild spice mix

And that add water and rice-dal mixture

 Pressure cook for three whistles

Yummy khichdi is ready to serve

Chickoo and banana milk shake.

 Milk shakes are healthy top-up in your breakfast meal.  You could try adding 'n' number of fruits, some even add veggies like carrots, beetroot too.  This milk shake was too irresistable that i hardly had a drop left!!! [Hubby nd kid drank all  ;) ]

  So, here the ingredients, 6-7 chickoo chopped(deskinned and deseeded), one banana, one tsp of vanilla essence, 1 tsp of honey and one cup of milk.

Just blend them and enjoy!!!

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