Saturday, 10 August 2013

Chokolya - Indian pasta

 The thought of making chokolya struck my mind when I was pondering over my first main dish for  poluck party.  This chokolya used to be dinnertime options at my childhood days.  This doesn't need any side-dish since it is soupy!  Wheat flour is kneaded  and rolled to individual circles.  Each circle is cut into various diamond shapes and cooked over onion-tomato base.  At my in-law's residence, she used to make rice flour dough, which is torn and shaped into  tiny roundels before adding to gravy base.

A popular variant called 'kolyass ka chokolya' where mutton chunks are added into usual preparation is known.  Also vegetarian version using finely chopped palak/other spinach forms are also seen.  The authentic chokolya is an very spicy one, tempered like biryani style.  (However, here I added lesser spices because I wanted my kid to consume) And because of its spicyness, coconut paste/powder is added in the end in order to cool the body.  

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