Sunday, 19 January 2014

Kolyaas ki shaak (Mutton curry)

  This Kolyaas ki shaak  specializes in seasonal  blend of vegetables and spices. This seasonal blend along with boneless mutton chunks yielded an 'best dish' back, at home.   With flavour-enhancers like  Dill leaves, hariboot/green garbazo beans, radhish, laal mirch/fresh red chillies, I must say that this is most delecious curry I ever had :P

It was my mother who few days back, pointed out the fresh dill leaves growing in clusters near parking slot of my flat, I really felt ashamed of not noticing them before.  All thanks to her :), I am using them very often :)  And green garbazo beans/hariboot,  sub-catagory of kabuli chana  made this shaak/curry more detectable with nutty texture.  You can also add imli extract, yielding to ambat shaak or sour curry, which would go ideal with hot rice.  

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