Sunday, 9 March 2014

Eggless vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate icing

I can realize a lot of excitement whirling up my head as I pen down this post...yes, an array of emotions... I must suggest... An long gap filled with back and forth travelling has made my online status inactive for an longer period, especially my survival without facebook  for months together :P  :P  So, I strongly wanted to start my post with an delecious dessert (in order to compromise my absence, I may assume :P ) Am likely to pen down my adventures with upcoming posts, please pardon me since I running out of time in this post..

These are delecious super-yummy eggless vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate icing, dedicating to my CCC group.  The white chocolate icing, is adapted from the book '100 Best Delecious Chocolate'.  The best part of this dessert is that they are completely egg-free,  drawing attention of strict vegetarians too!! The smooth silky white chocolate icing over the top is an highlight, suggesting this to be an kid-pleaser as well...  Since I had an star-shaped tip 33,  I kind of enjoyed myself playing around with piping the icing.

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