Friday, 27 September 2013

Sweet n sour cookies

    Recently, I had started to grow fond of strawberry cream which I prepared for kronut.  I am experimenting them with lots of bakeries, one such is this cookies.  I named them 'Sweet n sour' because of their blessful fusion of strawberry and chocolate chips.  You can also try replacing strawberry with ingredients like Anardhana (pomegranate seeds) in order to find an more Indian version.

One first bite of this cookie reveals its crispy texture that easily melts and the sour taste of strawberry comes at the end.  When this sour taste combines with choco chips, entire sour-sweet combo tickles our tongue, lightens mind and brings out original 'khatta meetha' version of hajmola candy.  Any kid who enjoys sourness would consider these cookies an everytime-delight!!  And yes, yes, yes varsha luved them a lot!!

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