Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chocolate modak - Potluck party, cyber style September 28

   As the name goes by, this can also form one of your kid's favourite snack.  The special filling (Made by adding cocoa powder & choco chips to coconut-jaggery combo) is what makes the chocolate modak even more droolicious and with each bite, we can feel the chocolate flavour oscillating around our head!! :) :)  This modak is tooo tempting for a single try!!!!

I had to make this modak because of this month's pairing in potluck party, guest-hosted by nivedham's food blog and owned by Jagruti mam.  This chocolate modak is from Poornima's blog.  She has an excellant blog with delecious dishes, do go through her blog for the original version of chocolate modak.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Sweet n sour cookies

    Recently, I had started to grow fond of strawberry cream which I prepared for kronut.  I am experimenting them with lots of bakeries, one such is this cookies.  I named them 'Sweet n sour' because of their blessful fusion of strawberry and chocolate chips.  You can also try replacing strawberry with ingredients like Anardhana (pomegranate seeds) in order to find an more Indian version.

One first bite of this cookie reveals its crispy texture that easily melts and the sour taste of strawberry comes at the end.  When this sour taste combines with choco chips, entire sour-sweet combo tickles our tongue, lightens mind and brings out original 'khatta meetha' version of hajmola candy.  Any kid who enjoys sourness would consider these cookies an everytime-delight!!  And yes, yes, yes varsha luved them a lot!!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dairy cup-cakes/ Non-butter/ Non-oil cup-cakes

  Hi all!!!  First of all , I am very proud to present you these diary cup-cakes, my first successful baking experiment.  It happened once, when Shama had asked me to make some cup-cakes and I noticed that all left in my refrigerator was some fresh cream and milk.   Wasn't heart-broken, tried with available ingredients at hand and hurrayy!!!!, results were fantabulous.

Diary cup-cakes are made with milk and fresh cream as key ingredients apart from regular ones.  The advantage of non-butter or non-oil makes it an healthy alternative for adults, from regular cup-cakes.    Also I integrated a lots of chunky, healthy stuffs like grated apple, tutty-fruity, sliced almonds, finely chopped dates, which also makes it ideal as an tea-time snack (therefore, doesn't remind us the absence of buttery frosting).   So, it can  delight any kid at home, also be party booster or for surprising guests at home, this cup-cakes is quick to make and hence can find a special place on ur baking session. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Kronut - Baking partners challenge

   What is a Kronut?  Kronut is an hybird version, combining goodness of Croissant & Doughnut.  Though they look very much like doughnut, they are crisp and flaky unlike latter. This is because of  incorporating butter into prepared dough, resembling puff pastry process.   Also Kronuts are blessed with an pastry cream filling which makes them soo special and unique than normal doughnuts.

Actually they are called Cronuts (ie Cro from Croissant and Nuts from doughnut).  Since the founder has trademarked the name, it is unusual to use the original name.   Mr. Dominique Ansel is that proud founder and it is said that people thrive in lines before his bakery to get an sweet munch of this kronut.   When Swathi Iyer announced the challenge, I was scared because of my previous disastrous attempts with puff pastry making at home.  However she was kind enough to provide me tips.  With no perfect videos, I just went on with suggested recipe step-by-step.  And yes, got an awesome result.   So, thanks to Swathi and Reeni for suggesting this godly recipe.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Malai panneer tikka - Potluck party, cyber style

    Am back from Chennai from an function, and I was equally excited about my dish at party!  I soon recalled that I hadn't tried any starters, so here I am with Malai panneer tikka.  'Malai' means any dish cooked with milk cream and also adds on cashewnut paste.  In North India many dishes are prepared using this term, Malai kofta,  Matar malai, Rasmalai,  Malai peda etc.  Here, in an similar way paneer tikkas are prepared.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Roundup of Favourite event -Curries & Gravies in plate

    A month before, I had hosted 'Favourite Recipe event' run by Swathi Iyer, titled 'Curries & Gravies in plate'
I am happy with delecious collections and heartfelt thanks to all bloggers who contributed to this event.  Thanks to Swathi Iyer for letting me host the event.  

1. Spicy Tangy Scrambled Egg Curry  8. Navaratna Kurma  15. Kadai Bhendi  
2. Stuffed Ivy Gourd Gravy  9. Malai Kofta  16. Chicken thanni kuzhambu & Chicken Peratal  
3. Mirch ka Salan  10. Qorma Baamia  17. Dry egg masala  
4. Sahi Paneer Kurma  11. Moong Sprouts Usal  18. rajma masala  
5. paan turia nu shaak  12. Achari Bhindi  19. Panchmel darbari Dal  
6. Chamagadda Pulusu  13. Mughlai egg curry  
7. Kadai Tofu Curry  14. Arti's pea kofta curry  

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