Friday, 28 November 2014

Yellow polka dot cake / Mango fudge cake/ Vegan cake

   Hi everyone :)  This special cake,  is one I made for hubby's birthday.  I wanted this cake to be very special, and designed them visually,  therefore,  this has also given me many sleepless nights with regards to flavour, essence and ingredients.  Since, mango was favourite with him and kid, I went by this yellow polka dot cake :)

I prepared this  mango cake with Tang - mango powder. They were easily available in the nearest super-market.  Also, I wanted this cake to be eggless - hence made an vegan cake which was fudgy as well.  But, this fudgy mango cake, was very well compromised with vegan whipped cream. I have prepared mango cream, using the tropolite cream for polka dots.   You can also have the plain cake as tea-time snack, if you wish to have them without cream.   So, all thanks to Tang, mango powder - they infused such an amazing mango flavour.

Every slice of this cake, quite easily melted in mouth.  All thanks to the turn-table and palette knife I got recently, they made the frosting part easier and quite professional.  I will also, recommend you guys to buy the same for an neat finish.  

Saturday, 22 November 2014

How to make vegan whipped cream - from Tropolite

    Hi guys, today we are going to see a 'vegan version' of whipped cream in our post.  I have also posted dairy whipped cream, and instant whipped cream before.   Now, with a more prevailing vegan culture at our place, this cream not only makes a huge reach but also restores same delicious taste as any regular dairy cream.

There are many brands of non-dairy whipped cream, but Tropolite is best.  At Hyderabad, I bought them at Balaji grand bazaar.  The best feature with Tropolite is that you need not flavor them with essence nor do you need to add sugar.  Everything is pre-packed and all you need to do is to whip them up!  Isn't it cool?   And yes, just like instant noodles, you need only TWO  minutes to whip them up.  Let's get started :)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Chocolate rocks , an sweet come-back :)

Hi guys :)  Happy children's day :)  So, this sweet/dessert is for those tiny-tots.  You don't require any fancy tools for making these.  They are very simple and can be made by juniors themselves as well :)  So, why not make this interesting project for them?  Well, the best part of candy-making is that you can always monitor what goes in.  Here these chocolate rocks, are an combination of dark chocolate and almonds, making them healthier option not only for kids, but  for adults,as well.

These crispies can be served with tea.  I have made them using Morde branded dark compound, (I bought them  at Q-mart, Hyderabad) which is used in making  home-made chocolates. If not dark compound, you can use your favourite dark or milk chocolates as well.  And almonds can be replaced by an mixture of dry nuts or any of your favourite.  You can store them in air-tight container, and keep them refrigerated. 

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