Saturday, 15 November 2014

Chocolate rocks , an sweet come-back :)

Hi guys :)  Happy children's day :)  So, this sweet/dessert is for those tiny-tots.  You don't require any fancy tools for making these.  They are very simple and can be made by juniors themselves as well :)  So, why not make this interesting project for them?  Well, the best part of candy-making is that you can always monitor what goes in.  Here these chocolate rocks, are an combination of dark chocolate and almonds, making them healthier option not only for kids, but  for adults,as well.

These crispies can be served with tea.  I have made them using Morde branded dark compound, (I bought them  at Q-mart, Hyderabad) which is used in making  home-made chocolates. If not dark compound, you can use your favourite dark or milk chocolates as well.  And almonds can be replaced by an mixture of dry nuts or any of your favourite.  You can store them in air-tight container, and keep them refrigerated. 

 Before getting to our post, let me give quick description about handling  compound.

  1. Chocolates hate water.  Do not let even an single drop of water get into them.  If you did, the chocolate will seize into an hard mass. Make sure that all the vessels or spoons used for making chocolates are dry. 
  2. Always bring the compound to room temperature and chop them finely instead of introducing big chunks into double-boiler.  Chopping ensures uniform melting and speeds up the process.
  3.  You can also microwave the chocolates for melting instead of  using double-boiler.  But, again later is considered to be safe technique.  
  4. The ingredients that are supposed to be mixed with chocolates after melting, also should be dry.  Here we, are roasting almonds to reach the dry quotient and also for an crispy texture.
  5. Pinch of butter is added to compound, in order to obtain an glaze or shiny product.  Again, be careful with an pinch and don't add more.  If you are using chocolate to compound, you can avoid using butter.  
  6. Here, we are making chocolate rocks, so almost quantity of chocolate and nuts used should be equal.  If chocolate is used more, they will become runny and flow down the sheet.  So, try to use equal quantities of chocolates and nuts for making rocks.
  7. After using the compound, seal them air-tight and store in freezer.  

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 3-4 minutes
Yield: 15 chocolate rocks

Ingredients required:

  • 113 gms/ 1 cup of finely chopped Morde dark compound (completely one slab out of four)
  • 107 gm / 1 cup of finely cubed almonds
  • Pinch of butter


Chop the almonds horizontally two to three times per unit, until they resemble tiny cubes.  Roast the almonds in an dry pan, until they slightly brown. Keep aside.
  Place the chopped dark compound in an clean, dry vessel and bring this over an pan of simmering water.  This is an double boiler set-up.

Stir the compound for every two seconds with an dry spoon, so that they don't burn.  Add in an pinch of butter and stir them so that chocolate dissolves completely without getting any lumps.  

Add all roasted almonds and mix well.

Spoon them like dollops over butter paper (or aluminium foil).  Refrigerate them for ten minutes until they are set firm.

TA-DA, they are ready now....

They can be easily peeled away.

  Enjoy with an cup of tea :)

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