Monday, 18 July 2016

Whole Wheat tutti fruity muffins

Hi friends, I am back with yet another whole wheat delicacy.  With everyday chores and three-course meals- one more confusion gets its way when we need to pack some snacks for kids.  I always pack my kid with fruits, but she insists on getting some sweet other than fruits.  That's how these muffins happened.  I got the original recipe from file section of HBG, twisted it to my own taste and result was amazing.  Unlike other eggless bakes, which often end up fudgy, these muffins were soft, cakey textured with an awesome taste.

I made these with tutti frutti.  You can replace these with almonds, cashews or chocolate chips, whatever you got a stock of, but, believe me, kids really dig the tutti frutti.   Now, my kid takes almost two to three of them, in order to share with her friends.  It's a win-win situation for both because I know that I have packed her something healthy and she ends up having her sweet tooth cravings as well.  

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