Saturday, 22 November 2014

How to make vegan whipped cream - from Tropolite

    Hi guys, today we are going to see a 'vegan version' of whipped cream in our post.  I have also posted dairy whipped cream, and instant whipped cream before.   Now, with a more prevailing vegan culture at our place, this cream not only makes a huge reach but also restores same delicious taste as any regular dairy cream.

There are many brands of non-dairy whipped cream, but Tropolite is best.  At Hyderabad, I bought them at Balaji grand bazaar.  The best feature with Tropolite is that you need not flavor them with essence nor do you need to add sugar.  Everything is pre-packed and all you need to do is to whip them up!  Isn't it cool?   And yes, just like instant noodles, you need only TWO  minutes to whip them up.  Let's get started :)


  • Now, Tropolite pack must be stored frozen, so one day before whipping them up, transfer the pack from a freezer into regular refrigerator rack.  Let them thaw overnight.  Next day, take as much quantity you want and seal them completely.  Transfer the sealed pack back into freezer zone. 
  • Also, refrigerate the vessel, from which Tropolite is to be whipped along with blades of the blender at least for three to four hours.  This will help in maintaining the temperature.   
  • Also be careful with the size of vessel you choose, because one cup of Tropolite liquid cream will yield almost three cups of whipped cream


I poured one cup of Tropolite cream into the already refrigerated vessel.  Fixed my refrigerated blades to the electric blender.   

Now, slowly I started to whip.  After one minute (better to have a watch nearby), I observed soft peaks over the cream.  

For beginners,  the soft peak is a stage where peaks formed might fall off.  Like, if you lift your blender up, blades might show fallen peaks. 

So, I continued to whip again, and this time,  after the third minute, I found much-desired stiff peaks.  

Here, given below is the stiff peak, the peaks obtained doesn't fall off and stiffly points up.  This is the correct stage for frosting with cakes/cupcakes.

Cover the cream with cling wrap, and let them chill for fifteen minutes.  Use as required, this quantity of vegan cream was used to frost a  6-inch cake.  

Happy baking  :)

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