Sunday, 20 April 2014

Boti kebab

   Boti kebab, traditionally refers to chunks of mutton, marinated overnight with yoghurt and other spices.  This, the next day was grilled to perfection.  The name, boti is from sanskrit language which means, 'small chunks of meat'.  The following recipe is adapted from Morphy richard's recipe guide, where both chicken and mutton were given sited, I proceeded with former one.

One interesting fact with the guide was that they used wine for basting the marinated pieces, in between their grilling period.  I was very curious with this, and yes, used wine (first time in my blog :D ) for the same.  I could foresee an sweet- sour taste from the wine.  Minced onions gave an added sweet touch and with other spices, the dish appeared spicier too.  Finally such an sweet-hot- sour combination brought out an mesmerizing yield and all thanks to my recipe guide.  

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chocolate babka muffins

Chocolate babka muffins are yeast-raised muffins, that have an delecious chocolate filling, topped by streusel (an mixture of butter-flour-sugar, topped over bread in order to get an 'crumbly' effect)

 The word, 'Babka' is derived from word, 'baba' also known as grandmother in Polish (from Poland).  The original derivative of this sweet yeast-raised bread were known to be stout and round, hence the name.  Lateron, these were twisted and baked on loaf pan with an filling of cinnamon flavoured chocolate.  Slowly, this muffins originated from traditional loafs.   Instead of baking them as loafs and slicing them,  an effective method of slicing the dough (before baking) and transferring into individual muffin trays was done.

The rich taste of flaky, buttery dough combined with delecious chocolate filling, did win many hearts back at home. To my surprise, my not-so-chocolate-lover hubby, loved them totally.  I couldn't have asked for more :)  All thanks to Tamy and Swathi Iyer for this wonderful challenge.  

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Watermelon-look alike cake/ fondant sponge cake

     I love to bake.... baking, not only ends up with an beautiful, gorgeous end-product, but also relaxes my mind and eases the day. (Now, let us forget about the sink getting loaded with lots of dirty vessels.... and the overall messy work, LOL) Though, I would love to bake all the time, my regret is not on the cost I had spent, but on the consumption part.  Since, we are an family of three (I would say, two and an half :D ) I can't proceed to my next bake, untill and unless my previous one got completely out of stock.

So, when my sambhar cake disappeared, I was wondering what to proceed.  So, when I explored my refrigerator, my eyes shined gloriously over the cling wrapped fondant.  Yes, this fondant is very special to me, since I experimented myself, with stocked on condensed milk.  Isn't that exciting?  I, dragged this fondant and along with icing colours played an little to create this magical watermelon look-alike cake.  Basically, there is no watermelon(Beleive me, not even an drop of essence or juice),  but an sponge cake topped with fondant to create an fake look.  Though I am not uploading details of fondant here, I promise to get back soon with an detailed post :)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cheesy sambhar cake

This is an savoury cake, sandwiched between an layer of cheese and an layer of potato, seasoned with sambhar spices.   The taste was heavenly, and for an savoury-lover like me, every bite was mesmerizing.  Hubby, being an sambhar-aholic, thumbs uped this one.

This is, like, one crazy experiment which turned an best shot.   Yes, though, I wanted to bake buns with aloo masala filling, I settled for this one.  One advantage is that you can add any filling you want.  I made two fillings with the yeast-raised dough.  First one was cheese and second was potato.  I could'nt forsake this vegetable as this had its closest proximity with sambhar.  So making an sambhar flavoured potato was an better idea and sandwiching them between cheesy layers got the taste right.  

Monday, 7 April 2014


·        Kekadacha soup/ Crab soup
·        Mysore rasam
·        Kollu rasam
·        Kaalan rasam

·        Grilled pomfret
·        Piri piri chicken
·       Tangdi kebab
·       Gobi aur oats ki tikka
·       Paneer tikka
·       Cabbage rolls
·       Roasted phool makhana
·      Misal
·       Kothe momo
·       Soya vade
·       Peanut masala
·       Handvo
·       Idly ka tikka

·         Meal-maker tikki



·            Milk aur badami ladoo

·            Phool makhana ki kheer

·            Watermelonice-cream

·            Chocolaty sandesh

·            Motichoor laddu

·            Chocolate modak

·            Custard

·            Choclatey custard baskets

·            Bhopla aur dal ki kheer

·            Chocolate pudding

·             Choclatey pop sticks

·             Lauki ki halwa

·           Carrot halwa

·               Strawberry trifle shots

·               Coco-chocolate bars/ Bounty bars


·             Ginger tea

·             Masala tea

·             Coco-carrot milkshake

·             Butterscotch milkshake

·             Chickoo and banana milkshake

·             Banana and dates smoothie

·             Aam panna

·                Lemon salt soda



·        Aamla paranthas
·        Ajwain paratha
·        Aloo ki paratha
·        Carrot paratha
·        Hot dog wraps
·        Kheema ki parantha
·         Peas paratha
·         Rumali roti

·        Chokolya
·        Spaghetti with meat sauce
·        Desi-styled spaghetti
·        Lasagna


·        Aloo ki bhaaji
·         Baby cabbage gravy
·         Dum Aloo
·         Gobi kandhaari
·         Harira
·         Hiruva masala shaak
·         Hot & Sour corn balls
·         Kache kele ki kofta curry
·         Kadaai khumb
·         Kadaai kobhi
·         Kadaai vegetable
·         Khoya matar
·         Khuskhuswali khumb
·         Kichi bhajji
·         Low calorie kofta curry
·         Malaai gobi matar
·          Malvani khumb curry
·          Mangalorean curry
·          Mili-juli subzi
·          Mushroom and capsicum stir-fry
·          Mushroom dopyaza
·          Mushroom ki Roganjosh
·          Mushroom theeyal
·          Padwal ki masaledar dal
·          Padwal ki nilgiri gravy
·          Palak paneer
·           Paneer masala
·          Phool makhana curry
·          Shahi khumb
·          Sindhi saag
·          Soya aur tarkari ki masala
·          Spicy and creamy bottlegourd gravy
·          Thai green gravy
·          Tomato chutney
·          Vegetable taka tak
·          Vegetables in garlic sauce


          ·            Bhaja moong dal

·           Chilly kabuli chana
·           Dal bukhara
·           Dal ki soya
·           Dal maharani
·           Dal tadka
·           Dal with tofu
·           Katachi aamti
·         Mooli ki dal
·           Pindy choley
·          Punjabi rajmah
·           Rajma masala

·           Chungdi jhola
·           Goan egg curry
·           Kadhai lasuni gosht
·          Karahi chicken
·           Kolhapuri pandhra rassa
·           Kolhapuri taambda rassa
·            Kolyaas ki shaak
·           Murgh makhani
·           Murgh Pasanda
·           Prawn balchao
·          Shimla mirch ki kombdi


·          Coleslaw
·          Cucumber raita
·          Koshimbir
·         Sprouts salad
·          Detox salad

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