Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dark chocolate & Oats cookies

Dark chocolates are my all-time-favourite.  And that too, after completing my professional course on chocolate making I learnt a lot about dark chocolates.  Their awesome medicinal properties had  doctors to suggest for  heart patients in  small quantities regularly.  They are also known to delay cell ageing, preferably aiding ladies in increased skin glow.  My own tutor asked me to consume them regularly for my goodness!!!

As a result, dark chocolates have entered my day-to-day  cooking.  This recipe combines the goodness of dark chocolates and oats. They are hard surfaced, that is crunchy in texture.  They are soo delecious and is a must-tea-time snack that goes healthy too!! 

Truffle glazed lychee muffins

    I like muffins a lot... Whenever I am in a Bakery shop, my hubby or I will order for muffins.  Though I have an oven of my own, I rarely experiment or practice fearing of wastage.  But, of late Baking Partners, an online baking community has boosted my baking confidence.  The monthly challenges I make, push me to try different baking products.  Out these, recent outputs is this truffle glazed lychee muffins.  These cup-cake came  out sooo well & spongy that they got out of stock on the day 1!

   Isn't it great??

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