Monday, 16 September 2013

Kronut - Baking partners challenge

   What is a Kronut?  Kronut is an hybird version, combining goodness of Croissant & Doughnut.  Though they look very much like doughnut, they are crisp and flaky unlike latter. This is because of  incorporating butter into prepared dough, resembling puff pastry process.   Also Kronuts are blessed with an pastry cream filling which makes them soo special and unique than normal doughnuts.

Actually they are called Cronuts (ie Cro from Croissant and Nuts from doughnut).  Since the founder has trademarked the name, it is unusual to use the original name.   Mr. Dominique Ansel is that proud founder and it is said that people thrive in lines before his bakery to get an sweet munch of this kronut.   When Swathi Iyer announced the challenge, I was scared because of my previous disastrous attempts with puff pastry making at home.  However she was kind enough to provide me tips.  With no perfect videos, I just went on with suggested recipe step-by-step.  And yes, got an awesome result.   So, thanks to Swathi and Reeni for suggesting this godly recipe.

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