Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Apollo fish fry

   Eversince, we came to hyderabad, I have noticed lots of boneless fish gravies hanging out at restaurants.  I always used to wonder how come these are boneless, but recently one of my sweet neighbour gave a hint saying that Apollo fish is the name given to boneless fish series.  Here selective variety of fish, mostly murrel is cleaned, deskinned, deveined, cut into slices and given as such by the fish seller, just imagine no workload for us at all!!!!  Only if Apollo fish culture prevailed at chennai, my mother wud be too delighted then!!

Coming to the dish, Apollo fish fry, is one of the famous starter at hyderabad restaurents.  The boneless fish is coated with spices and deep fried (though here I semi-fried) and is tempered with onion, curry leaves and slited green chillies.  Apart from deep-frying, kesari colour  and ajinomotto is also usual elements, though I completely left them in my dish.  If you needed them, you cud add them up.. it is individual-based decision.

Roasted phool makhana - Guilt-free snack

This is my third recipe with phool makhana (other two being phool makhana curry, phool makhana kheer)  As said before, these puffed lotus seeds are proteinaceous, restoring perfect health to our body.  These can also be roasted and spiced up to form ideal evening snack (like popcorns)  So why wait guys?? just go ahead and give these super-tasty and super-crunchy snack to ur pampering kids...

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