Friday, 15 March 2013

Apple & Custard scrolls

Hi guys, I fell in luv with these scrolls ever since I first saw them in Christine's blog... I, was dying to prepare them... and finally took extreme step to prepare these gorgeous scrolls.  Prepared in two batches, made individual buns and baked them on aluminium tin to get stuffed loaf.. Pics follows:

Braided walnut & raisin bun

      My honourable third task from Baking partner group.  This bread preparation is done using Tangzhong method, where a flour paste is added to regular bread preparation at 65 degree celsius to obtain soft and spongy consistency.  This flour paste has been fascinated by chinese because of their successful fluffy bread making that stays soft for so many days

At 65 degree celsius, gluten in flour and water mixture would absorb moisture and become less leavened. Hence when this produced tangzhong product is added along with other bread ingredients, bread will be softened.

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