Monday, 22 July 2013

Butterfly choco cupcakes - Celebration time

    One evening my hubby told me the news of his promotion... he was double-promoted to Chief manager!  I was sooo happy and though I assumed myself on an casual form, I decided to make something special for him the other day.  My hubby likes to have all sorts of desserts, he is an cupcake-aholic guy.  I still remember the day i made five to six muffins and he ate all of it (without even giving to varsha!!)

The next moment, all I could think was chocolate, of course celebration means chocolate!!!  And in one such book, I have already mentioned as '100 Best delecious chocolate' I read about this cupcake.  Though this cup-cake required icing to be made, I went ahead and made them.  Fortunately, shame luved these cupcakes, he called them most delecious ones, he ever had!!

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