Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tawa arbi masala

    Arbi, one of the Colocasia species is an underground(grown) vegetable.  It finds an easy place in south-indian cooking.   Found as an fry or curry, it is also supposed to be an healthy alternative for potatos for aged people because the starch content found in arbi is easily digestable one.  Arbi is also found to nourish with contents like fibre, protein, calcium, phosphorous etc.

 Arbi tawa fry done here is an easy preparation that can go yummy with hot rice, sambhar, rasam or any kozhumbu type.  This can also be served as an vegetarian starter and can go great with parathas too.  To top that arbi prepared in tawa ensures uniform cooking on all sides (which is not guarenteed on kadaai), saves time and ends up spending up little amount of oil.

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