Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Motichoor laddu - Diwali sweet

 Back at Chennai, my MIL  always prepares boondhi laddu and my baby used to gobble them up.  So, I asked myself why not try some?  But, apart from boondhi laddu, I liked motichoor laddu that hangs around every sweet shop.  Garnished with silver varq and opped with nuts, these are most delicious and one will definitely experience  melt in mouth moment. 

   Originally hailing from Central Bihar, Motichoor laddu (Moti means pearl) are nothing but deep-fried gramflour, mixed in sugar syrup, flavoured with saffron threads, rose water, nuts and shaped into laddu.  Though they look like boondhi laddu, the methodology differ because motichoor laddu are fried till they reach pale yellow/golden colour and is removed.  And after soaking in sugar syrup they are mixed with warm water and is blended once which is not the same with boondhi laddu.  Warm water, thus added aids in much softer texture to motichoor laddu comparing to later.

   Yes, my daughter loved it and better half was completely impressed.  Apart from the fact that they turned successful, they consume lesser time too!!  About one batch can be done within an hour, isn't it an boon? :D  Follow the entire post for tips

Kalaan rasam - Mushrooms curried in south-Indian rasam style

There are rarely a very few vegetables that become central to all  food.  On this very few, Mushroom tops all.  Be it an pizza topping, fried rice or our style gravy, this divine fruiting body (of an fungus) dominates all!  So, why not go an bit innovative and try on rasam style.  Rasam is an south-Indian soup, usually eaten at the end of lunch.  With an hybrid combo of tomato-tamarind this rasam is believed to aid in digestion.

My husband, who is an mushroom-aholic guy totally loved it :)  I have also mentioned below how to serve them on an three-meal course below.  Kindly leave an feedback about how you feel, and do try when had an chance.
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Serves : 2  

Ingredients required

For temper
  • 1 tsp rai/mustard seeds
  • 2-3 broken red chilly
  • Pinch of hing/asafetida

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