Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cucumber raita

  I dont have much love with raita, i always prefer having raw salad, but when i made this raita with cucumber, tomato, onion along with amla and ginger juvellines, garnished with crushed jeera seeds,  i really luved it!  You could have this raita along with rotis or stuffed parathas

Ingredients required

Half cup curd, half a cup of chopped veggies like cucumber, onion, tomato, a pinch of amla grating, ginger juvellines and coriander leaves to garnish

Spice mix needed is one tsp of freshly roasted and powdered jeera powder, pinch of hing, and salt

Deseed cucmber, tomato and chop with onion.  Spice lovers can add chopped green chilli

In cup mix curd with coriander leaves and mix this with all other ingredients

Raita is done, i served this with carrot parantha

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