Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Crumbled onions

   Ever wondered why restaurent made gravies are more dark in colour, making an wonderful impact??  Saw an cooking video of street-side dhaba in delhi and know wat? these guys add brown onion powder in the gravy to make it smell great and thus make an differentiation in colour as well.

    These powder, i assue should be made by deep frying finely chopped onions, draining off excessive oil and grinding even before their crispiness wipes out.  Such an delicate fantacy can be added to garnish curry, added on stuffed parathas and ur salads as well.  These have wide range of applications.  However, i tried to bake them till they went brownish red and grinded them once to get crumbled texture.  If you need a paste (as brown onion paste is also equally applicable in lots of gravies) you can grind it with a little water

  So, in a tray lined with oil greased foil, i laid down finely chopped onions,

Then i baked for 150 degee celcius for 10-15 minutes, this may take a time depending upon the quantity of onions added

Then i grinded it for single round, and here i go, have crumbled onions

Isn't it wonderful?
As said before they can be used to
  1. garnish curry/gravy
  2. added in curry/gravy
  3. added in stuffed paratha
  4. Also in salad

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