Friday, 19 October 2012

Aloo ki paratha- tiffen box idea

Aloo paratha is favourite for my kid, because she has craved a love for it eversince she was one year old, whenever we went out in weekends, we would order her one non-spicy (they used to add chopped green chillies and chilli powder usually) aloo paratha for our kid first and then go with our menu.  I dedicate this recipe for my sweet varsha kutty!!

   Ingredients required:

   We need half a cup of mashed potatos, and dough made of 2 cups aata and half a spoon salt

Other ingredients are ginger-garlic paste, chopped greenies(i used mint leaves and methi), spice mix consisting of a pinch hing, salt, white pepper and one tsp cheese scrappings

 The above mixture got by mixing mashed aloo with other ingredients, this is stuffing



From the aata, roll out a tiny circle of dough and spoon a filling in it

Fold it on all other sides and bring the edges to connect each other, to resemble circular dough

Roll it using pin to normal partha shape and toss it in tawa, drizzling with oil

 Now it is ready to pack in our kutty's lunch box, dont forget to add sauce sachet

Varshu!! i am having a surprise

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