Friday, 28 June 2013

Bhomma dosa/ Tiny dosa roundels - (FUN FOOD -1)

    It was  during one of our vacations that my aunty made  these great mini dosas  for varsha.  She was soo delighted to find a new variation, in entirely kiddy style and ate more than she could have.  From that day onwards till now, she always says, ' ma, i want bomma dosa plz'

 The only requirement for the dosa here, is that batter is expected to be slightly thicker consistency so that desirable shape is met.  I often make them with idly batter.  Making this is very simple too, with more practise and patience you can try out various shapes, and at the sametime try many toppings, most of which may be healthy too.  So let us take an quick glance.....

If you could closely follow collage in zigzag form, the idly batter is spooned over very little, circular form over hot tawa.  Afterwhich,  some colourful vegetable topping is spooned (I used grated carrots and spring onions green part).  Some  pressing  with back of spoon is also done so that the topping is strongly bonded.  Later they are covered by a lid and cooked till the dosas are done. 
  •  You can change the filling, replacing any vegetable like mushroom/paneer/dry fruits/fresh fruits/nuts etc.  
  • You can also sandwich one dosa into another with a bit of grated cheese on middle to satisfy cheesy demand of your kids.
  • This savoury version can be served with tomato sauce/green chutney/mayo

And the second sweet version is the real 'fun part' of this dosa. I tried an teddy bear shape on tawa and garnished them with gems cookies.  

  • This way you can also try different shapes like clouds, sun, pokeman etc, depending upon ur kid's preference
  • Some yummy goodies like tutti-fruitty, jujube, orange candy can also be used for decoration, more colourful they look more appetizing look for kids
  • Best served with chocolate sauce/Nutella
  • You can also prepare Malpua on tawa, drizzling more oil than it would take for mini dosa, follow garnish and soak in hot sugar syrup n serve.

They can also be packed on lunch-box.  I am sure that ur kids would luv to have this 'n' number of dosa platters.  I, also hope that this can be an tricky treat for lazy week-end.  And also  for kids bored with regular dosas.  Do try and I also welcome any suggestions to the same.  

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