Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sura puttu (meat of shark fish cooked as dry sidedish)

Guys! this is a wonderful and tasty food that goes with rice and any wet curry.  Many NV lovers dont cook this, even at my mother's or at in-law's they dont cook.  But this dish has many excellant properties, that too for womens at pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy this dish is given in order to strengthen her uterus and also to enhance breast milk, apart from this other uses are as follows:

  •  The nature of shark meat is described as sweet, salty and smooth and able to help the proper function of the five internal organs.

  •  In “Food list of Daily Life” it says that sharkskin can relieve all kinds of poison arising from fish, kill parasites and help recover from weakness.

  • Shark fat is sweet, salty and smooth and is very helpful in nourishing lungs and heart and shark bile can be used to cure throat problems.

  • Shark meat contains a lot of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and many kinds of minerals.  Shark liver is famous as a “bank of natural A and D vitamins” and is used to extract liver oil. 

  • Shark cartilage-derived products such as gel and chondroitin are used as anti-cancer drugs.

So, guys off to our recipe

 First take 350gm of shark fish pieces, clean and boil in water for some ten minutes

After ten minutes, remove from water, cool it, deskin and devein it, mash it till it resembles coconut gratings texture. (This is a very tedious proces and must be handled with care)

 They are ready to get cooked now. In kadai, add oil and temper with rai, curry leaves and red chilli
 Add in onions and saute til pink and then add spice such as ginger-garlic paste, pinch of haldi, salt, red chilli and coriander powder

Add in stirred fish grating and cook till done.  Garnish with coriander leaves

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