Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Amla/Nellikai paranthas (Rotis with nellikai and other spice filling)


Amla(Aonla)  is a indian gooseberry native to India. Amla has a high medicinal and Ayuervedic properties. The fruits have the great source of vitamin C. A small fruit of amla is equal to 2 oranges in terms of vitamin C content.. It is also a very important ingredient in the famous Chyavanaprash, and a constituent of Triphala (three fruits) powder. It helps the digestion, prevent the dysentery, cleanses the liver. Even there is a pooja in Karthigai month done to this gooseberry tree called 'Dhatri Havana'
     So, why is this topic to discuss?? yes, i tried making few recipes using this amla.  At first i made soup using 2 large amla and spinach, but i failed since the soup was too sour to land in garbage.  Later i called my aunty who used to be an expert in cooking herbal stuff.  She told that the quantity of amla to be added should be low and mixed with other flavouring or spicy stuff to stabilize its sourness nature.
   So here are quite a few tips for using amla in our day-to-day cooking:
   It can be grated and one tsp of grated amla can be used in sambhar preparation.
   It can be made to prepare buttermilk along with mint leaves
   It can be dried, coated with sugar syrup and had as an candy (especially in empty stomach)
   Can be added half a tsp in curries and also in roti dough.
   They have already exiting in pickle forms also
      Alright so coming to today's recipe, i added to roti dough, and guess what the roti was tasty, and didnt establish sourness nature, because i combined amla with  other highly flavouring stuffs, totally it tasted like an masala parantha.. So let us go to our recipe

    Amla parantha:


Ingredients required:

So One big amla, two cups wheat flour, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, 2-3 green chilli, one handful of mint leaves(pudhina), one tsp of methi leaves(optional) and 2tsp of chopped onions(oopssss i forgot to pic onion, sorry!)
First take the flour( I used Aashirvaad aata) and add 1tsp salt to it
Add one tsp of ginger-garlic paste and chopped green chillies

Now add thinly chopped mint leaves and methi leaves

Finally grate the amla into the bowl and 2 tsp of chopped onions.

Add considerable water and knead it to a firm dough, dont make it watery

Cover with the lid and let it rest for some ten to fifteen minutes, then take two medium balls and dust with aata

Knead one of the ball into roti and toss in tawa.

Add two tsp of oil, repeat the same with another ball.

Now, our wonderful amla paranthas are ready.... serve with a gravy of your choice.


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