Saturday 6 October 2012

About me

WHO AM I....

I am Arthy Shama, currently residing at Hyderabad.  I am enthusiastic, caring person, with an sweet family.  My husband, Mr. Shama, is an lovely person, who keeps on encouraging me to follow my passion, and my daughter, Varsha is my dream cum true.


Yes, all those years under my grown-up, part, I always am an foodie.  To top that, my mother was an excellant cook.  From, street-smart shops, to five star restaurents, my taste-buds have always dazzled with an desire :)  Only due to this, 'foodie' part, I got into serious cooking, and also learned about basics online.


Initially , when moved to an new city (I was born and brought up at Chennai), I took to blogging, only as an hobby.  That I felt, very good, because with no friends or no neighbours, blogging introduced me to an exciting, colourful online world.  But, lateron, I realized the importance, the value put forth by my fellow-bloggers (which, I am very proud of ) and immense amount of knowledge cherished.  Hence, I took to blogging a bit seriously and here I, proudly present you my site, COOKWITHARTHYSHAMA.


All recipes provided, are completely home-tested and brought to you through step-by-step pics.  Please try to understand the efforts put by me, and ask me before reproducing any content.  You can also provide your valuable feed-back, which inturn, will encourage me an lot.


Everything needs an balance, right?  So, when you are an home-maker, an mother and an wife... you need to manage all responsibilites quite well.  So, blogging initially appeared to break that balance.  Time management is very important when you try to do multi-tasking.  If you know the trick, then life is always easier.  :D   And also, being an consistent biology student, knowing the technical part of blogging was quite unfamilier too :/

HOW I OVERCAME.... all I needed to overcome my first obstacle.  Yes, with an hectic scedule, blogging was alloted to either early mornings or late nights.  And, learning part, also I carried on consequently.  Shama, was too sweet to even forsake some of this free time, to look after our daughter, so that I could blog at peace :)   And, for technical part, all thanks to search engines, they did make my life easier.  Special mention to my blog-mate, Swathi Iyer, who never hesitated to clarify my technical issues.  Thank you Swathi :)


My dream is to open an restaurent, specialized for kids.  Every kid in my place, should long to dine there.  Also, I plan to learn cake professionally, so that, I could be an good baker, also making it an commercial option.  Guys... wish me luck, please :)


  1. Hi Aarthy...
    Good to know you are from hyderabad... me too from hyd.

    Do visit my blog

    1. Hi Poornima, nice to know that you are from Hyderabad too!! We must catch up sometime here :) Yes, right now visiting ur space

  2. Hi Arthy Nice to meet you in blogger.Nice recipes you have.Happy Blogging.

    1. Thanks Subha, am glad that you liked my page :)

  3. I think this is the first time I am visiting your blog. You have a nice blog. Welcome to Hyderabad. I was born & brought up in Hyd, living in NY.

  4. Thanks for sharing about you; at least now we all know about yourself Arthy :) LOve you Monu Teena :)


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