Monday, 23 March 2015

Classic Cheesecake

 Cheesecake is  made of three or more layers.  They are supported with the crunchy crust of cookies and butter at the bottom.  The middle layer is soft  because of cream cheese and easily melts in your mouth.  Finally, they are topped with fruit compotes or any syrup/freshly cut fruits.  That said, it is an explosion of flavours and textures in one bite.     This is really a much-relished treat, for any season, though they are feasted a lot on summer.

They can be baked in an oven or can exist as non-baked as well.  Here, we are going to how they are baked, using a water-bath.  It's always best to use springform pan when making these, otherwise, they may get messy, when removing  from pan.

I topped them with strawberries and they were total yum.  Not only did they taste great, but also instantly melted in your mouth. This soft consistency comes from the lightness of cream cheese and also because of the fact that they are baked with a water-bath.   But, please opt if and only if you prefer a heavy dessert.  These are not for any light takers. 

On the whole, we had a hearty dessert, that completed our weekend.  Hope you tried the same and let us know :)

Preparation time: 25 minutes
Baking time: 90 minutes
Yields:  5-inch cake , ideal for four servings

Ingredients required: 

For bottom crust
  • 6 Marie biscuit
  • 31/2 tbsp melted butter

For cream cheese layer
  • 180 gm Cream cheese
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar, which is coarsely powdered
  • 3/4 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 tbsp All purpose flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 cup fresh cream

For strawberry topping
  • 1 cup  sliced strawberries
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp sugar


Coarsely blend Marie biscuits along with butter. Line a 5-inch cake pan (Better to use a springform pan), and grease them on sides, after which spread out the crust uniformly.

Refrigerate them.

Pre-heat the oven to 180- degree celsius, and introduce a 7-inch pan filled with water half-way.  In a dry bowl, add cream cheese, sugar, and essence.  Mix well, add flour along with salt.  

Finally add cream and slightly beaten egg, quickly mix them till they form a uniform batter. DO NOT OVER MIX. 

Pour them over hardened crust and cover with foil.  Ensure you tap them before covering up, in order to release any air bubbles, if trapped.

Introduce this pan into water-bath and bake them for an hour.

After an hour, reduce the temperature for 150-degree celsius and I baked for 30 more minutes.

Perfectly baked cheesecake is firm around the edges, yet wobbly  in the middle.

Quickly run a knife, and let them cool down.  Refrigerate them overnight.

Prepare strawberry topping by adding all strawberry, butter, and sugar.

Cook them till they are reduced enough to coat back of your spoon.

Refrigerate the topping also.  

Spoon the chilled topping over chilled cake.

Enjoy!!!  Happy Baking :)

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