Sunday, 21 December 2014

Choco cake bars

    Well, wondering what to do with left-over cake and frosting after an grand baking session?  Well, this might be the answer for all ;)  With an glossy chocolate finish, this choco cake bars, will excite anybody and create an new demand with the left-overs  :)

Yes, after the Rainbow ruffle cake, I had some left-over cake (remember? I had cut the dome part) and the frosting too.  Initially I freezed them both for later use.  Now, when I wanted to make an dessert out of them, all I could think was of some cake pops.

But, with presence of ice-cream sticks all over my place, I could end up with this choco cake bars, ie an cakey version of chocobar.  Initially, cake crumbs were mixed with frosting and shaped over the ice-cream sticks.  This was layered with whipped cream and another layer of hot dark chocolate.  Final touch of rainbow sprinklers were added to glam up.

 Each and every bite was like amazing, the moistened cake with soft cream and cracking chocolate had compensated each other very well.  My man was, like initially startled to find them, when he opened the refrigerator.  Later, I explained him, that it was glamed up cake balls, and he happily reached out to pick one.  :) 

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes (for melting chocolate)
Serves: 5 

Ingredients required

  • Left-over cake crumbs - 11/4 cup (You can use any cake & frosting)
  • Whipped cream frosting - 1 cup
  • Morde dark compound - 150 grams (You can use dark chocolate as well)
  • Pinch of butter
  • Few colourful balls, to sprinkle


Gather all cake crumbs in an vessel and finely knead them.  I, here, added one tbspn of whipped cream (The amount of frosting added, depends upon the moistness of the cake) and mixed them very well to form one neat dough.  Refrigerate them immediately.

Divide the dough into five equal parts.  Using ice-cream stick, insert one ball and shape them with help of hands.

You can acquire neat rectangular edges by pressing another ice-cream stick.  Place the shaped cake sticks over butter paper.

Place an stylofoam (these objects can be usually found in flower bouquet shops) or thermocol inside an vessel.  This is primarily, for supporting the cake sticks.

Using an palette knife, evenly distribute remaining frosting over the cake sticks.

Done, now place them over the stylofoam.

All done, now this needs to be refrigerated for ten minutes.  

Melt the chocolate over an double-boiler,  add butter and mix well.

Spread an thin coating of chocolate over the cake stick, using spatula.  

Sprinkle colour balls.

Place them over butter paper and refrigerate.  

ALL DONE :D  Happy baking :)

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