Thursday, 5 June 2014

Chocolate conecakes - My anniversary treat

    First I saw them on an random google image search, I was stunned.  These cute conecakes were simply amazing to look, and would definitely be an 'hit' dessert for any occasion.  I decided that I will bake my own version someday.  And when that 'someday' turned out for my anniversary, I was completely excited.

I had baked these few weeks back, for my daughters's summer camp party.  At first, my other half mocked me, by saying, 'Can you do those, all by yourself?'  This, itself was like, enough to trigger the 'baking' fire on me.  But, unfortunately he was right and I flopped first time.  But, second time, I tried keeping in mind, all my flaws, I got them perfect.  Don't worry guys, I will share all my flaws with you, so that you need not suffer any, 'first loss'  as I did.  Just keep yourself hooked till the end of the post for all kind of tricks and tips.

These conecakes, usually are baked from short-bottomed cones.  But, here I have used normal cones, we can see at every ice-cream parlour.  The batter I have filled is chocolate sponge cake, with whipped white chocolate ganache and an dark chocolate ball, to top with.  Overall, these triple chocolate conecakes, were an delight to watch, delecious to eat, everything I have imagined them to be....

I loved every bite of this gorgeous chocolate pile-up.  After eating this conecake, my other half, ended up feeling guilty, as he had not brought any return gift to offer.  :D   :D  So, guys keep watching and feel free to share my work, if you found them good.  So, below is like, kind of virtual treat to all my friends out there :)


You can buy any fresh cones from quality ice-cream parlours nearby.  Make sure, you buy them an day before, of if you plan to buy them early, store in an air-tight container.

Take cone and place them upside down over an table or any flat surface.  With an finger holding tip of cone, cut parellely to surface in middle, rotating the cone clockwise.

You could discard other half, or use them as you please, reserve the first half and proceed the same to all cones.

Please note that the base of cone has hole, in order to fill them with cake batter, this has to be sealed.  I sealed the end by aluminium foil, you could also try short-crust pastry, if you wish.


You could fill in any batter you like, condensed milk-based sponge cake, buttermilk-based sponge cake.  Since it was my memorable day, I decided to go with sponge cakes with butter and eggs. 
Ingredients required are 85 grams each of  butter(1/2 cup), sugar(1/2 cup + 1 tbspn), eggs (2 small numbers), flour (3/4 cup all purpose flour + 3/4 tsp baking powder + 1/4 cup of cocoa powder) and also an tsp of vanilla essence, and 2 tbspn of milk.

Pre-heat the oven to 170 degree celsius.  Cream in butter and sugar.  Add in vanilla essence.  Break open eggs and whisk well.  Alternatively add dry flour and milk to form an cake batter.  This above measurement will yield to 8 cone cakes.


In an muffin tray, line them with aluminium foil.  With help of knife/finger pierce an small hole and introduce conecakes into them.  This set-up is like an life saver, remember that this helps in balancing conecakes during baking process.  If not, conecakes might stumble and fall during baking process due to weight of cake batter it gets filled with.  Also, remember to cover bottom of conecakes with aluminium foil, before placing them into foil -lined muffin tray.

Slowly, place the concakes over tiny holes and fill them 3/4th with cake batter.

Bake for about twenty to thirty mintes, till wet, grilling stick inserted into them, comes out clean.

Cool them completely over wire rack.  I, spooned them with whipped ganache over and topped with dark chocolate balls (alternatively, you could go for commercially available, dairy milk shots)

 This is not only an interesting bake, but also have become, celebrity type.  Try them out to specialize any event in your family and you will love the way they get worshipped with.  I am looking forward to try many variations to try with these conecakes, kindly feel free to drop in your comments/suggestions/queries regarding the same.

        HAPPY BAKING   :D  :D  :D  :D

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