Friday, 17 January 2014

My Liebstar award :)

First of all, very sorry for not posting often, and also not visiting my bloggermates.  Too busy here, with my parents and sister visiting us.  And to top that, Varsha's school granted her sankranti holidays.  Life is too messy :P  And everytime, I think to log in, there is some kind of pending work left behind.  Nevertheless, all will get sorted by next week-day.

And, coming to this award.... All I can say is  an big Wow.... I am so excited to be nominated for this award.  This pleasant surprise came from Preetha blogging at  A Bowl of Curry .  Thanks a lot Preetha, your nomination has motivated me to push my cooking skills and explore a lot :) And, today, I am nominated second time by Resna Nishad blogging at Resna tasty home.  Thanks a lot Resna.  This, being my first award will be very close to my heart.

For someone quite new to this, Liebster award is derived from german word, meaning 'dearest or favourite'.  So, as the name goes, if your blog is less than two years or with less than 200 followers with intense content, then you will be nominated for favourite award.  This is actually an chain of nominations, because after Preetha and Resna nominated me, I am nominating another ten bloggers, hence this award will be an pass-on.  This award is given in order to motivate fellow bloggers, to respect their content and create more traffic. 

So, let me answer the questions put forth by Preetha

1.  Describe yourself in 3 words
Passionate, hardworking and love to explore/experiment

2.  How did you pick your blog name
Well, actually my pick was 'savaadhjevana' meaning 'tasty food' from Marathi.  Though, I blogged initally with savaadhjevana id, my viewers were not comfortable with remembering the name.  So, in order to solve this confusion, I renamed my blog with Cook With Arthy Shama, quite simpler, isn't it?

3.  Your likes and dislikes
I like to travel, explore food from every part of world.  I, also like to make new friends, and have an casual chat with them.  My dislikes is that I don't like in wasting my food and also I, mostly dislike to cook oily, greasy food.

4.  My first cooking...
My first cooking dates back to ten years back, but sadly, I used to prepare only Tea :(  Honestly, I started to cook only after my marriage.  My first hand was to try an savoury vermicelli or semiya for morning breakfast, which I failed miserably.  I still remember, how my brother-in-law complained after eating them :P  LOL... 

5.  What ingredient you haven't used at kitchen, but love to experiment with?
I am always setting my eyes on olives.  Those bottled ones at store, catch my attention.  But, still I am postponing to buy them everytime :(

6. My Signature Dish
My signature dish would be Rajma masala.  I am well known, for this at my in-law's residence.  Even now and then, when my parent-in-laws visit us, my MIL requests me to prepare some :)  Also, Sindhi saag is following the same.  

7. Favourite recipe
My all-time-favourite is Sindhi saag, even planning to cook them for tomorrow's dinner

8. Fame or money
Personally, I, neither priortize them both, but, being given an question, I would opt for Fame.  Money has not been an problem for me, All Thanks to God !   I am interested in Fame, because I beleive that will earn me few friends....

9.  Best photographed pics from A BOWL OF CURRY

10.  Two recipes, I would like to try from A BOWL OF CURRY

11. Big lavish parties or small intimate dinners
Definitely it will be small intimate dinners, I like to cheer up and be an part of dinner every moment.  I dont think that would be possible in case of lavish parties

12. Do you lick your plate, when done?
Yes, I do  <3 especially anything with Chicken and Maggi

And, my answers to Resna's questions are
1. Describe yourself and blog?
Hi, I am Arthy Shama, home maker from Hyderabad.  I love to try different cuisine and explore those flavours in my kitchen.  My blog portrays the latter. 

2. How much important you are giving for blog?
I, blog atleast five times an week, but that is on casual schedule, blogging gets difficult with travelling or due to guests visit at home.  Time management has been very crucial for me to handle blogging, still I give my best shot.

3. Favourite food?
I like all sorts of street food/chat item.  Apart from that, I love Chicken.  

4.  What are unavoidable stuffs in kitchen?
I should say, cleaning after an hectic cooking, it is too touch but completely unavoidable

5.  Any cookery tips?
Cooking is very much similar to Mathamatics, the more you do, the more you understand :)  And the more you understand, the more expertise you gain... Don't blindly follow any recipe.  Understand the concept behind them, and cook in your style, that will be my tip.

6.  Any dish you didn't prepare yet, but, love to prepare?
I like to try fondant cakes, and when I meant fondant, I mean very professional.  I am also looking forward to take classes.  \

7.  My big support?
Defenitely, my husband, Shama.  He encourages me an lot, whatever I am now today, is all because of his kind words.

8.  Who is criticizer?
Again, Shama.  :P  He is too fussy about food, and won't adjust if the endproduct turns messy even on slightest way.  It is because of his fussiness, that I hesitate to try more fusion.

9.  Working person?

10.  How to make kitchen fresh and neat?
I clean my kitchen regularly, that keeps them away from any dirt or pests like cockroach. 

So, finally, my nominees are
1. Renu Srikanth from
2. Shweta Agrawal from
5. Eliza Lincy from
7. Lisha Aravind from
8. Rachana Shah Sony from
9. Vidya Chandrahas from

Please note that I have not choosen them partially, I, didn't nominate many friends who already have been honoured with this award, because I felt that everybody must have equal chances to get awarded.  

Nominees must follow:
1. Blog about your award, thank and link back to blogger who nominated you
2.  Copy and paste the picture from here
3. Answer set of questions put forth by me
4.  Nominate about 6-13 bloggers of your choice
5. Comment your nominees on their respective blogs

So, my set of questions are as follows: 
1. How did you get introduced to blogging?
2.  Any special persons/bloggermates you would like to dedicate this journey to?
3.  Your favourite dish from your blog?
4.  Most earned credits goes to which dish from your blog, link them?
5. Nowadays, learning process is made very visible online,  various youtube videos has made even kids also to join this journey.  What do you feel regarding the same?  Any changes, you would like to specify?
6. Any obstacles to blogging?  How did you overcome them?

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