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As the word goes, 'immune' or 'disease-resistance' starts as an baby/foetus in your mother's womb.  At third month, mother's so called antibodies (they are our body-generated guards, who fight disease causing germs) pass to baby through umbilical cord.  And, after birth, this immunity is enhanced artificially by providing a series of vaccines, say for five-ten years.  What happens after that?  It depends entirely upon the food you take, nutrients you nourish through them, the place you live in, degree of pollution at your city, also to your (with zero to infinite levels of infected) friends at school.

So, how can one break through all barriers and save our children- tomorrow's prosperous Indians to survive??  How can one build more and more immunity powers in order to render the healthiness despite of several hostile environmental factors?  Let us discuss...

@ Home

Building immunity first, starts from home.  'WE BECOME WHAT WE EAT'.  So, children must be fed with food which  is loaded with anti-oxidants and also must build up their immune system.

Vitamin C

  • Off all, Vitamin C tops the list.  This powerful anti-oxidant is known to be anti-cold, a very common disease all childrens are prone to suffer with.  Moderate doses on a regular basis can increase the resistancy against cold.  So, quote can be ' An orange a day, keeps the doctor away' 
  • Also, since Vitamin C helps in Iron absorption, try  a cup of lemon juice after having spinach, in order to gain a healthy iron dose.
  • Other source of Vitamin C is Lemon, pineapple, mango, tomato, pepper etc. 


  • Garlic is known to be triple effective as they are anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial too. 
  •  One of the components of Garlic is called allicin, which is useful to de-promote Cancer
  • Try whip up favourite tomato rice for  children, atleast once a week for a combined goodness of both Garlic and Vitamin C.

Grab some fish

  • Yes, go for cold water fish, like Salmon, sardine, anchovies, mackerel.  These are rich in omega 3 fatty acid which researchers believe that they aid for normal growth in young children, and build up their immune system.
  • Also, they aid in proper brain development.
  •  Other sources can be meat, egg etc. 
  •  Vegetarians can grab a spoon of cod liver oil each day, as this oil is an rich source of omega 3 fatty acid and is also rich in Vitamin A. 

Balanced  diet

  • A Balanced diet is an essential factor for children, unbalanced diet may result in malnutrition.  Carbohydrates becomes an major energy source, some healthier being whole grains, potato, oats, brown rice etc.
  •  Fresh fruits & Vegetables are loaded with Vitamins and Minerals, try out an fresh fruit salad or grill some veggies, present them on lettuce, offering an tandoori vegetable salad, choice is yours :) 
  •  Proteins, essential body-builders are found on Meat, Egg, and Fish.  Our Indian cooking supports a lot of dal (tuvar dal, masoor dal, rajma, soya, chana dal) which is also one of rich protein source. 
  •  Opting Dairy products is also quintessential, apart from milk, try to provide him/her with shrikhand, lassi or curd rice.  Such Dairy products are flourished with Calcium, an essential bone and teeth builder.

Herbs or spices like Turmeric, Black pepper, Cinnamon are also rich in vital anti-oxidants, we need not worry about them, because they are gradually added in our cooking. 



Power boosters/ Immuno boosters

In addition to diet/food, one can also provide children with immune boosters, that can be easily available in super-markets.  Not only they are natural, but nourish children with less cell ageing.

Dabar Chyawanprash

I remember having Chyawanprash since my Childhood days.  Both sweet n sour, they would literally melt in your mouth.  So, what is so special about them?  They are rich in Amla (again powerpack Vitamin C here) along with Giloy, an Indian herb which supports the growth and development of WBC cells, an vital component of our Immune system.  Since they are recently, available in many flavours, go grab your kiddo's favourite one :D

Tulsi green tea 

Who said green tea is only for Adults?  I always give an small dose of green tea to Varsha (Even if I don't she grabs some from my cup, do wonder how come she copes up with the taste :P ) Tulsi in Ayurveda, is regarded as 'elixir of life'. Tulsi and green tea are known for anti-oxidant properties, both are known to release free radicals from body, thereby making them more immune.  Try drizzling honey in prepared tulsi green tea and offer to your children atleast twice a week.

Probiotic drink

This drink is filled with friendly bacteria called Lactobacillus casei.  These bacteria, build up our immune system, improvise gut functions and are also known to suppress the growth of bad bacteria, trying to cause disease.  Start your breakfast with one probiotic drink for such beneficial features.

Oil pulling

By this time, many have realized the value for oil pulling and are offering their kids too!!  So what is oil pulling? swishing in sesame oil in empty stomach.  They are done for cleaning gums, tooth.  They are also known to relieve bad breath.  So, why wait, start to train your kids with oil pulling....

 Life-style changes

One has to cope up with life-style changes, which I have suggested as follows

Avoid processed food

Yes, these processed food or chemical driven food are prone to make children susceptible to more diseases.  If  it is impossible to say a big NO, try to restrict them atleast once a month,  this can have great effects on children's health.  Instead substitute these food with fresh fruit juices, home-made vegetable patties/cutlets.  If you are one to hangout twice a week,  restrict junk food also for once a month.

Regular exercise

With rising home-work, and lots to study, I don't think there will be anytime for kids to exercise.   Instead try and join him/her to the classes which he/she can train physically.  Like Skating, Swimming, Badminton classes, Dance classes etc.  Not only can they acquire skill of such classes, but unknowingly they are exercising too !!! With no exercise, there is an risk to child obesity

People contact

Just because you force your kids to wear Sweator/muffler at school, that doesn't mean that they become resistable to cold.  Cold-like diseases often spread with contact or touch.  In such a gross situation, you can't help them totally but make them carry an handy sanitizer to use before lunch.  Also suggest your children to wash their hands on every break. 

Government measure

I, strongly feel that Government should take steps in order to encourage eco-friendly vehicles, so that  the pollution downs a bit.  I think that just like Aadhaar card linkage to LPG Gas proved fruitful, similar measures should be driven with vehicles too!!
   India can't get immunity overnight.  This strong foundation must start from home, and proceed on for Nation-wide development.  More immune your family is, you must be happy that you are contributing to more immune India.  JAI HIND!


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