Saturday 26 October 2013

Anniversery & Healthy Snacking - Event & Giveaway

    It's still a miracle to realize that  she (my blog) has crossed an year!!  I am very happy for the support I have received from you guys and thanks a ton!!  My darling will continue to do her work again  :)  :)

   She has played an important role in my life!  Apart from providing an awesome company to an hopeless home-maker :) she has taught me many technical stuffs online, which otherwise would have been unknown to a lady from biology background :)  I like her and adore her a lot.  Infact, I consider her as my unborn daughter because I spend more time with her caring n fussing  with ultimate passion.  Day by day, I am seeing her grow up from an infant to today, an standing toddler.
   This growth of hers is remarkable, but, I had to admit that she had a lot of helping hand.  First three special mentions goes to Aarthi of yummy tummy fame, Swathi Iyer from Zestykitchen and Shama, my very husband.  Newly married, I used to browse through Aarthi's page, and she also became my friend.  I, even called her several times and she used to talk with me.  We shared an good bond.  She was an good initiative to me, even an role model, I presume.  Thanks Aarthi!  Swathi Iyer, helped me on technical part, though she didn't know who I am.  I can still rewind the moment, where I used to have late-night chat with her.  I love you, Swathi.  I know that somewhere in future, we will definitely meet or catch up!!  <3  <3  <3  And finally yes, credit goes to Shama too!!  His support and encouragement drew me more and more of blogging.  And to top that, he even gifted me HP  laptop, thanks a ton Shama!

   And such thanks goes on to lots and lots other viewers,  thank you to make her grow!!
Birthdays or anniverseries are always marked with celebrations, isn't it?  Here, I am to announce an event and three exciting give-aways...


  Yes, and the name implies, healthy snacking is going to be our theme
  •  Cooking methodology can include baking, grilling, steaming or tawa-frying/shallow-frying.  Deep-frying is not allowed. 
  • Healthy snacking includes any evening snack or noon-snack taken in-between three-course meal. For instance, one may link in cutlet, momos, spiced pottukadalai, masala pori, grilled fruits, even salads.  This may include wide range of dish, provided they are healthy too.  Addition of fruits, vegetables or dal can be done in order to make it more nutritious.
  • Sweet or savoury both are welcome.  But, savoury ones will do more good.
  • Vegetarian or non-vegetarian  both types are welcome
Best three will be given following  give-aways:

Now, for quintessential part , rules of giveaways are as follows:

  • Participants must follow cookwitharthyshama through GFC and like us at Facebook page, which is
  • Dish must get linked along with this announcement page and must have Healthy snacking logo pic.
  • Must post about this event separately on their respective blog or atleast place them on side-bar.
  • Must announce this event as your Facebook status and tweet too
  • No archived posts please
  • More than one linking per blog is allowed
  • Event runs from this very day till November 30th.  Selection will be done both by short-listing  n finally through random number generator and final winners will be announced by December first week
  • Non-bloggers are also welcome.  They can email me their recipe along with picture to arthyshama7@gmail .com with Healthy snacking as their subject.
  • This event is open for all.  If the winner is staying in India, give away will be sent through courier.  Other winners can have scanned copy of book.


  1. Arthy happy anniversary to your blog baby, wishing many more wonderful years of blogging. Yes I would love to meet you in person when I visit India .I am also happy to part of you blog baby's growth.

    Wonderful giveaway my friend.

  2. Happy Anniversary... hope to see a fabulous round up for your event

  3. Happy Anniversary ! Wishing you many more beautiful years of blogging ! Love the new look of your blog :)

  4. Happy anniversary arthy.Hope u remember me.You have such a wide recipe list.I am ur new follower.

  5. Thanks all for ur wishes :)

  6. Happy Anniversary.Nice giveaway. Soon try to link my entries.

  7. Happy anniversary.Linked 3 of mine.
    following u in GFC: babitha costa
    FB: babitha antony costa

  8. Happy anniversary Arthy.. Wish you many more years to come... Nice giveaway... Have linked my 1st entry...

    Following you in GFC :- Nilu A
    FB :- Kitchen Serenity (
    Twitter - Nilu A (

    Also posted a link of the event in my sidebar.. Happy hosting dear :-)

  9. shared on twitter


  10. Arthy, today linked my 1st entry here , following you in facebook,twitter, posted the event details in facebook and twitter and attached the logo pic & link in my blog side bar.Not able to follow through GFC, showing some error. Thanks for the interesting theme.

  11. Happy aniversary to your blog baby. Wishing you to many more years to come, dear. Try to link my entry soon.
    Following you GFC : Chandrani Banerjee
    Facebook id : Chandrani Banerjee
    Facebook post link :
    Tweet link :

  12. Thanks Arthy, already followed thro GFC also.Hope you noticed everything.

  13. hi arthy ,
    You can count me in .Done with every rules.Will be linking my entries soon

  14. Hi ,happy anniversary to u r blog .I have added 4 entries crunchy chickpeas, banana apple smoothie,spicy kale chane and vegetable upma to the event.

  15. Happy anniversary to your blog !
    Already following you via GFC Sapana Behl
    Facebook-Sapana Behl
    Shared this event on facebook and Twitter
    And shared a link on side bar of blog .
    Will link my entry soon....

  16. Hey can I link my post of November month ?

  17. Hey Arthy.. Have linked my 2nd entry.. Baked French Toast Slices .. Have a great week ahead :-)

  18. placed on my side bars.Just noticed that point


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