Saturday, 20 July 2013

Coconut macaroon - Thengai biscuit

    I still can't forget the melting  childhood moments when one can bite into coconut biscuits (obtained from local grocery store)  The crispy pale brownish top with delecious coconut filling is, of course an delight for all those having an sweet tooth.  After all such good memories, someday before I chanced to look upon the recipe from morphy richards cookbook.  I could make out them only  through their pic, since the recipe was differently termed 'Coconut macaroons'

    The following day I made them on small batches and relished.  Though these cookies/macaroons didn't expand as much as the size of  shop-brought one ,  tastewise they comepensated the traditional form.  Also, I browned the top by spending little much temperature than usual.  In our blogging world, they can also be seen by choco-glaze over top, but I preferred them without the glaze.  I stored them in air-tight container and consumed over two weeks.

I really had an bad time baking macaroons before for my Baking partners challenge.  But, this one seemed quite easier.  The dessicated coconut was mixed with stiff-peaked egg whites on CUT-FOLD-ROTATE way.  The resulting mixture was baked on a very low temperature say hundred degree celsius for about twenty to thirty minutes till the edges starts to brown.  As I had said before, these macaroons are required to be whitish brown over top, but I browned them completely with extra care in order to provide a 'cookie-like look'  My kid luved to have them, and she calls them as 'Coconut white chocolates'  :)  Nice-name isn't it??  Sometimes, I beleive that she will become an  innovate blogger of the next generation!! :) :) 

So, let us move to our recipe.

Ingredients required

  • 125 gm of dessicated coconut
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 100 gm of powdered sugar + 2 tsp of powdered sugar (For egg white)
  • 2 large egg white
  • 1 tsp lime juice

All ingredients are required to be at room temperature.  I have halved the original recipe, this made about twelve small cookies.  Since we are dealing with macaroons here, it is advisable to make them on small batches first rather than going on for larger quantities.


In a dry vessel, take egg white and start whisking them till they are foamy.  Add in lime juice and beat them till they form soft peaks.

Lateron, add  2 tsp of powdered sugar  and beat till they form stiff peaks as follows.  Meanwhile, mix remaining sugar-coconut-cornflour.  

Add in mixture of sugar-coco-cornflour to stiff peaked egg whites in about three batches, in cut-fold-rotate way

Mixing is done completely.

Spoon  them on parchment paper lined baking paper, bake at 100-120 degree celsius for thirty minutes or till eges start to brown.  

Cool them over wire rack.  Store in air-tight container.

 Enjoy as an tea-time snack!!  Happy baking!


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