Thursday, 28 March 2013

Choclatey pop sticks

    My second choclate task was soooo easy on me and went sooo tasty for my kid....

Ingredients required

  •   50 grams white choclate 
  • 100 grams dark choclate
  • Pinch of butter 
  • Some lollypop sticks.


Melt choclate in a double boiler in separate vessels, add pinch of butter to glaze

In your working surface sprinkle some water and place any butter paper/baking sheet over the watered surface.  Now horizontally place two lollypop sticks

Pour over dark choclate in circular form over the stick

Spoon some white choclate in irregular fashion, to form net

With more and more practise, you can also create smiley pops like below

Heyyy here i have two smiloo pops,... Refrigerate these for 2 minutes, after which they can be easily peeled off from paper

Presenting these pops was too hard,, i kept thinking what to do since I cant use any crockery set to hold pops.  Suddenly an idea flashed over my mind.  I poured two spoons of each cholate onto a plate.  Then I refrigerated it and took when it was half set (for example if choclates take two minutes to set, then one minute will be an semi-set form)  Where, I pierced these pops into choclatey stand... They were good enough to hold

 Aren't they wonderful??????
Four little choclatey guys on pops.....

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