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   Misal is  known by name of 'misal pav' where this gravy is served with pav bun in maharashtra. It is sprouted dal (called as usal) that is cooked in spicy gravy combo and served by topping with onions and coriander leaves.  It is a spicy origination from Kolhapur, forming one of main ingredients of maharashtrian cuisine.  It goes sooo good with dosa, chapathi and all sorts of bread types.  Today i had it with dosa and the resulting combo was quite amazing.

  Do give a try guys..

Things to do first:

  1. Atfirst, dry roast 3-4 cloves, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of jeera and powder them.
  2. Then, pressure cook 2-3 potatos till they are done and peel their skin off.
  3. Saute half cup onion , half cup tomato, 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste, 4-5 coconut scrappings and blend them.

 Dry roasting clove-cinnamon-jeera mixture

Sauting onion-tomato-coconut combo and blending them

Ingredients required:

    To make gravy/ called as 'Kat' in marathi:

  •    3 tsp oil
  •    Blended masala(above pic mentions the same masala)
  •    Spices such as 1tsp red chilli powder, salt to taste, 1 tsp garam masla, pinch of haldi, coriander powder and 1 tsp jeera-clove-cinnamon powder

To make usal:

  •    3 tsp oil
  •    1 tsp ginger garlic paste
  •    pinch of hing
  •    one cup steamed sprouted green gram dal
  •    half cup boiled potato
  •    pinch of haldi
  •    half a tsp jeera-clove-cinnamon powder
  •    one tsp garam masala
  •    one tsp lime juice


To make gravy, heat oil, add blended masala and cook for sometime

Then add spice mix containing all spices (Refer spice mix in ingredients)

 Add water, cook till oil separates, gravy is ready now, set aside.

To make usal, heat oil and add hing , ginger garlic paste

This is followed by adding sprouts and cubed potatos

Later add all spices such as haldi, garam masala jeera-clove-cinnamon combo and so on

 Atlast, add lime juice and usal is ready.  Adjust salt in both usal and gravy
 Pour water and let usal cook.  Note that usal should be of pouring consistency.
 How to serve:

At first, take a serving bowl ,, add usal first.  This is followed by adding gravy
Gravy is topped with onion, coriander leaves.  You could also add munchy stuff like murmura, poha etc

The mouth-watering misal is ready to serve

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